More than 2.5 billion users world wide has been affected by the incident today and has everyone wondering what has happened. Nobody is sure what is the major cause behind the incident and if this is continued then we might be socially disconnected for a time being.

Hope its not going to be a long duration for us all to wait for our social media to work or we have to be back again like back in the 90’s when we used to gather and be social in person. Those were days when we used to feel good about how things were, but every since we have been connected with the invisible rope that tide us with social connection. Keeping us connected in the palm of our hand.

Most of us are very much close to our phones that we keep our selves entertained with all the clips and photos in our news feed. Which kept us engaging and entertaining with the posts made by different person from the globe.

Here is 5 most probable reasons that has made the social media offline for the moment.

1, Facebook and instagram is hacked ?
Being the mostly used social media , we cannot guess it to be not working a single but here we are, looking at our apps which are not responding for a long time. With a highest level security and backup , we cannot imagine it to be hacked that easily but all we can guess for now is to be hacked.

2. Will it be for a long time?

Guess its not , past days hasn’t been so goof this year, hope this to shall pass. All we can do is wait for the moment and lets us check again our apps to work . Follow discord or any other means of communication to keep your self informed about the situation to go off and hope that we are back in social media again.

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