Finally some illustration to show, here is a design based on Gai jatra, a short description about this design, its a popular event that takes place during the month of August-September, now its on August 8th 2017.

The festival commemorates the death of people during the year. During the festival, cows are marched in the streets and generally celebrated in the month of bhadra, now it has fallen on Shrawan.

Now the design part, first and for most part is the reference, since you need to have all the necessary details on the design, i took a photo as a reference, started making the face and neck part. Then the part of face were made, sorry i forgot to mention the software that i used was illustrator C6. Handy software to make illustrators, and back to the design. the part which took the whole day out of me was the poster on the head of the person, in order to replicate,i had to copy the each details from the photo and make sure i had that design to be precise.

And finally after working through the colorful banners over the head, and created some shadows. Finally i put a brown background which really pooped out the design and i was all set to post it on this day.