New trends on Graphic Designing in 2023

New trends on Graphic Designing in 2023

2023 is expected to see a rise in demand for 3D graphics and animations. With advancements in virtual and augmented reality, the use of 3D graphics in these technologies is becoming more prevalent. The gaming industry is also expected to adopt more 3D graphics, as well as realistic physics simulations.

“Another trend is the use of AI-powered graphics. AI can be used to generate photo realistic images and animations, as well as to improve the speed and efficiency of the graphics rendering process.”

Additionally, there will be an increased focus on accessibility in graphics design. This includes the use of more accessible color schemes and the creation of graphics that can be easily understood by people with visual impairments.

In terms of specific tools and technologies, there will likely be a rise in popularity of open source 3D graphics software, such as Blender and Godot, as well as continued development of proprietary tools like Autodesk’s Maya and 3ds Max.

  1. 3D graphics: With the advancement in technology, 3D graphics are becoming more and more realistic. This trend is being observed in video games, movies, and advertising.

2. Abstract graphics: Abstract graphics continue to be popular in the design world, particularly in branding and packaging design. Expect to see more use of geometric shapes, vibrant colors, and organic forms.

3. Animated graphics: Animated graphics are on the rise, especially with the popularity of explainer videos and social media. Brands are using animated graphics to tell their story in a fun and engaging way.

4. Eco-friendly graphics: As consumers become more environmentally conscious, the demand for eco-friendly graphics is increasing. This includes using sustainable materials, reducing waste, and promoting environmental messages.

5. Mixed media graphics: This trend combines traditional and digital media to create unique and eye-catching graphics. Expect to see more use of hand-drawn elements, watercolor, and other traditional mediums combined with digital technology.

6. Minimalistic graphics: Minimalistic graphics are continuing to be popular as they focus on simplicity, functionality, and clean lines. This style is particularly effective for websites, mobile apps, and other digital platforms.

7. Futuristic graphics: Futuristic graphics are gaining popularity as people look to the future for inspiration. Expect to see more use of holographic, neon, and metallic elements in design.

In conclusion, as technology continues to advance, so does the design world. From 3D graphics to minimalist designs, these trends will continue to shape the graphics landscape in 2023 and beyond.


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Travel Promotion video

Travel Promotion video

Here is a small travel video promotion made by us. Hope you will enjoy and let us know for any of this kinds of promotional video of your events or company.

Tri-Fold Brochures

Tri-Fold Brochures

Tri-fold brochures are the hard copy of companies advertisement showcasing the companies background and product/services that are provided. This helps reach direct to the customers, customers can have an over view of the products or services which are supplied.

A well designed brochure is the best way to introduce your company to your potential customers.
A brochure has three functions:

  • Informative function: a brochure is usually used to inform your potential customers with regards to your company. This information is related to your company presentation, a new product or service that your company offers, or a recent change in your company name, etc.
  • Advertising function: a brochure is really important as an advertising tool, which attractively allows you to promote one or more products or services. For further details this function will be analyzed in the section called Advertising aspect.
  • Identification function: a well-done brochure design allows you to maintain a same criterion through all your company brochures. If this criterion (sometimes called concept) is unified in all the brochure types, it will make your company to be recognized automatically. It will give to your company prestige and credibility. It is important for your company brochure not only have a “concept”, but also to have a logo: a well designed logo is essential for any company, is one of the first steps to start an advertising campaign.

These three functions should have an interaction. The brochure should be the result of that interaction, otherwise it won’t be effective. Maybe one of those stands out more than the others, but this shouldn’t affect your brochure design. For example, if your company launches a new product and decides to have a brochure designed for this launch, the function that will stand out on your brochure would be the advertising one, even though this brochure could have information regarding the product and at the same time represent your company.

Magazine design

Magazine design

We are glad to announce our another design for a college magazine (kantipur City college) for 2nd time. It’s always a challenging to create a magazine when you have a lot of contents to fill it up with. And yes alot of pictures with high quality image needs to be inserted on the design file. After a 2 months of intense work we were able to bring out the design and appreciated by the college magazine team and administration.

We the Raindrops Creation are will look forward to make more of these designs for company’s and institutions. Please feel free to contact us and we would be glad to work together.

Happy New year 2075

Happy New year 2075

wishing you all a very happy new year 2075. Have a great year ahead with more love and prosperity to you and your family.